E-Bio Urine Odour Eliminator 5Litre( 5000ml)

E-Bio Urine Odour Eliminator 5Litre( 5000ml)
Brand: E-Bio
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E-Bio Urine Odour Eliminator (for pets)
Available in 500ml spray bottles or 5 litre bottles 

100% Biodegradable

E-Bio, Mother Nature's First Assistant in helping to eliminate urine crystals, salts and maladours associated with them. This bio-enzymatic cleaner and deodorizer contains a selection of specialised enzymes and cleaners specifically formulated to make urinals, toilets, tiles and other hard surfaces shine, while effective eliminating urine crystals an salts, which are a cause of restroom odours. This active bio-enzymatic formulation contains a powerful odour counteractant.

E-Bio Urine Odour Eliminator is our best-selling product! Many home and pet owners, hotels, nursing homes and childcare centres have used and trust E-Bio Urine Odour Eliminator to safely and completely eliminate urine crystals, salts and bad-smelling odours! 

If you also face unpleasant urine odour problems in your home or workplace, why not join them in discovering what E-Bio Urine Odour Eliminator can do for you? This bio-enzymatic product formulated in the USA completely breaks down urine crystals and salts to REMOVE odour, not just MASK it!

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