Nina Ottosson Dog Treat Trapper Interactive Dog Treats Game

Nina Ottosson Dog Treat Trapper Interactive Dog Treats Game
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Start by letting the dog see when you hide snacks, biscuits or toys under the flaps of all layers. Place a few snacks so that they are slightly visible. When the dog has understood how it is supposed to work, put snacks in different places under the flaps of all layers and let the dog work with its paws or nose to find the snacks. The hardest thing for the dog is when the snacks are placed as far in as possible in the bottom layers.

Dog Treat Trapper is an activating quiet game. It is soundless and does not disturb neighbors or children who are asleep. Perfect for people who enjoy a quiet environment. It is also a nice, thick and soft rug, which the dog can use for a bed.

The Idea…
… with Dog Treat Trapper is to have a pleasant and rewarding time together with your dog. You show how to play, your dog watches, listens and learns and you both have fun together! 
Your dog will enjoy these moments and look forward each time to playing.

Do not let the dog bite or chew the Dog Treat Trapper. Play with it together with the dog. Do not leave the dog unattended.

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