American Pet Diner Timothy Gold Hay 5lbs

 American Pet Diner Timothy Gold Hay 5lbs
Brand: American Pet Diner (APD)
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Pure, sweet, nutritious and natural, this hay is ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, prairie dogs, and other hay eating animals. Its essential fiber content is optimal for a healthy digestive system to support necessary dental wear. Beautifully green and highly palatable, our timothy hay is one of our best sellers. Timothy Gold now also comes in "The Real Bale", a fun feeding format that can be fed as flakes or offered as an entire bale.


Great tasting timothy hay is with mostly leaf and high green color. This hay is our most popular seller! Our new crop is in so expect vibrant green in color and shorter pieces of hay! Feed for increased fiber intake. Feed to all hay eating pets.


Second Cut Timothy Hay.

The hay that we provide, is grown in Nevada''s high desert climate. Warm days and cool nights make our hay grow slower, producing a greener, softer, and sweeter plant than that of our competition. Plus, it''s high in fiber and low in calcium and calories.

Timothy Hay

Crude Protein not less than......13%
Crude Fat not less than...........1.5%
Crude Fiber not more than........30%
Moisture not more than............12%
Calcium not more than...........0.75%

5 oz.

Feeding Guideline:
Feed for good everyday roughage consumption.
Adult, growing, lactating or gestating:  Feed as free choice.   

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