Assorted Cool Pet Tags V2 ( Identity Card , Driver's Licence , Visa Card,Petrican Express Card)

Assorted Cool Pet Tags V2 ( Identity Card , Driver's Licence , Visa Card,Petrican Express Card)
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Yes The First and Only cool Unique Yet Affortable Funky Pet ID Tag Penetrating into Asian Market Singapore Starpetshub .

In the event your beloved pet gets lost, pet ID tags are the first line of defense. Our pet ID tags have complete details of your pet including a picture, Owner information ,Date Of Birth . This will give your pet an extra chance to survive and come home safely. 


Order Instruction:

Step 1. Pet Photo  ( Clear Photo will be essential )

Step 2 : Please Include Informatioon as Follow 

Name :


Date of Birth :


Microchip Number : ( You May opt out if you dont have or do not wish to add in )


Contact :


Step 3 . If you want to add in your QR code please kindly upload code image do note QR code link can also be linked to personal furkid facebook or any website 

you may refer here for (



For business Owners you may also add your personal business  logo on your pet tags :P

**We will do all the digital enhancement and background cropping for you. **
Please include  Order number preferred if there is 

Your new pet tag  outlook sample will be out before we process it for you .

Once we receive your pet info and photo and lastly payment via confirmation , we will process your order right away.

Not meant for rushing Orders as we consolidate as a batch .
Turn around time is a   MINIMUM  of  1 month 

* YOU CAN ONLY AMEND YOUR ORDER ONCE after draft has been send out to you

For your information :

there would be Front and Back View ( 2sided )


Once payment has been made kindly email us with your order number with an attached image of your Transaction records thanks 

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