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 8 in 1 Excel Ear Cleansing Liquid
  Excel Ear Clear Cleansing Liquid is a fast-acting liquid formula to dissolve waxy buil..
SGD12.50 SGD11.50
 8 in 1 Excel Kittymalt Hairball Remedy Paste Malt Flavor
Kittymalt tm is a tasty, effective hairball remedy and preventative for cats and kittens. It coats a..
SGD17.30 SGD16.30
 8 in 1 Excel Tear Clear Stain Removal Liquid 4 oz.
Safe, non-irritating tear stain remover. Effectively removes stains and odor from hair and restor..
SGD11.60 SGD10.90
 American Pet Diner Alfalfa Hay 5lbs
  Our Alffy Alfalfa hay is so sweet and fresh it is affectionately known as "candy hay"...
SGD58.90 SGD45.00
 American Pet Diner Timothy Gold Hay 5lbs
Pure, sweet, nutritious and natural, this hay is ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, pra..
SGD58.90 SGD45.00
 ANF Canine Holistic Formula 3KG
Description ANF HOLISTIC ADULT CANINE DRY DOG FOOD A unique formulation for normally ac..
SGD48.00 SGD40.00
 ANF Puppy 33 Formula  3KG
Description ANF PUPPY 33 FORMULA DRY DOG FOOD Great tasting formula with chicken protei..
SGD37.90 SGD33.90
 Bio-X 3-in-1 Spray
  Bio-X 3-in-1 Spray is a multi-functional product: insecticide, disinfectant and deodor..
SGD16.90 SGD16.00
 Biodistra Biopet  Fish Oil Omega-3 250g
BIOPET FISH OIL OMEGA-3 COAT * SKIN * PAW • Keeps coat, skin and paws in good condition ..
SGD37.50 SGD35.00
 Biodistra Biopet Glucosamine 750g
BIOPET GLUCOSAMINE • For an active, healthy life • Pharmaceutical glucosamine • High ass..
SGD147.70 SGD127.00
 Canine Caviar Lamb & Pearl Millet ALS Dinner 12lbs
  Product Description Canine Caviar Lamb & Pearl Millet Dinner Lamb..
SGD89.90 SGD72.80
 Dingo Dental Bones Large 7.5" to 8"
Dingo Dental Bones are premium, hand-tied rawhide bones with the same great taste of origina..
SGD14.40 SGD13.40
 Dom & Cleo Organics 2oz True Colloidal Silver (Dropper)
    *The information published here is not intended to take the place of p..
SGD34.00 SGD32.00
 Gex Sasami Slice 40pcs
Features: Soft chicken dog treats! Tasty dog treats. Ingredients: Sasami, starch, soybea..
SGD11.60 SGD9.50
 Mini Poodle Cookie Cutter 3 inch
This Mini Poodle Cookie Cutter measures 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" and is proudly made in the U.S.A.   ..
SGD4.00 SGD3.00