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Absolute Plus

Absolute Plus Dental Toothpaste For Cats & Dogs (Mint Flavour) 100g APDT
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Absolute Plus Dental Toothpaste For Cats & Dogs prevents tartar build-up for fresher breath and improves oral hygiene with essential oils from plants. It also contains enzymatische gel (double enzymes) which prevents plaque formation, soothes gums and combats bad breath.Suitable For Cats an..
SGD8.70 SGD10.90
Absolute Plus Double-Sided Toothbrush For Cats & Dogs APDS
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Absolute Plus Double-Sided Toothbrush has two different brush heads on each side. The bristles are softer and non-toxic. The handle has a non-slip grip area for a good and easy grip. It can be used on both cats and dogs...
SGD7.10 SGD8.90
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