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Bosch Life Protection Concept

Introducing Bosch Life Protection, the latest veterinary line that provides all the necessary nutrients dogs require from birth to old age. 

Bosch Life Protection uses non-genetically modified meat and is gluten-free, but why is this important?

The short answer is that GENETICALLY MODIFIED MEATS and GLUTEN products causes SKIN PROBLEMS and other health issues in animals (and humans too, for that matter). 

Dogs are not different from humans in the sense that they are prone to various maladies too. Clients that nourish their pups on Bosch Life Protection from birth will see noticeably healthier, well-developed dogs that are less prone to sickness and skin problems. We’ve also had clients with dogs that saw noticeable improvements health-wise upon switching to Bosch Life Protection. 

This is apart from the fact that the Bosch Life Protection range is highly palatable - your dog is going to wolf it down in a matter of seconds - and it produces very well formed stools that are remarkably odorless.

It’s the PERFECT solution for dogs with the following problems:

■ Allergic reactions
■ Food intolerance
■ Sensitive digestive system
■ Skin & coat problems
■ Sensitive urinary organ
■ Weak Immune system

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